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Meet Nick...

Hi I'm Nick. I'm 7. I'm in second grade and I love going to school but I hate getting up in the morning. I have two hamsters named Hampstie and Cutie and I love to play with Legos. I love going camping, fishing, hiking and shooting. I've been taught everything there is to know about gun safety and I can not only keep myself safe but other kids safe too if there was ever a gun laying around! I am making my First Holy Communion soon and my Grandma says I am the most well behaved kid at church.
Kids REMEMBER!! A gun can not hurt you unless you touch it so if you ever see one STOP, LEAVE THE AREA AND TELL A GROWN UP RIGHT AWAY!!! And this is NOT tattle tailing so always tell when it comes to guns!!!!! Trust me on this! It could save your life! If you click on our page titled FOR KIDS you can see me show you how to keep yourself safe.  And in the picture below I am just holding my moms gun for a picture.... I was not shooting it that day. If I was shooting it I would have had it under my arm like in my videos. My arms are still too little to firmly place it in my shoulder yet. But the .22 is just fine under my arm because there is not much recoil. :D You can watch me shoot here. 

** Update July 2013 - Nick has grown and now shot a shotgun and realizes the power behind it. (he hit his target on the first shot I might add!) He knows the damage that can be done with it. Teaching your kids the power of a firearm in a controlled setting with adult supervision can potentially save their life. The boys are completely uninterested in guns unless it's a day out shooting. Don't let curiosity of something unknown be a potential threat to your child's life. Teach them gun safety!

The best way to KEEP your kids safe is to teach them HOW TO BE safe.

 Nick A Gun Smart Kid

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