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Dear parents,
We are aware that not everyone is going to agree on the gun control issue.... But we can't imagine any parent who would not want their kid to know what to do if they stumbled across a gun....And with millions of them in the US don't think it can't happen. So even if you are anti-gun and don't own any guns I urge you to at least let your child see the page titled "For Kids" here on our website. If they can't read then read it to them and let them see Nicks video clips so it hopefully sinks in.

My boys goal is to have every child informed and educated on what to do if they come in contact with a gun since they do not teach this in schools. I will help them any way I can.
We want to thank everyone for all the positive feedback you have given the boys.
To be clear... Noah is not a paid actor.. He just turned 9 years old and he is a regular kid who happens to love guns and shooting... and there is nothing wrong with that. He has been getting a lot of flack for it and it's made him frustrated. He was also shocked at how many of his classmates were clueless as to what to do if they ever came across a gun. (Many said they would bring it to their mom! Yikes!) He feels if even one kid stays safe from seeing his website and learning to never touch it then it's worth putting it together.
We watch and read the news together and he chooses what points he wants to make (there are many more I would like to add but I am letting him do his thing). He makes notes and organizes what he wants to say so if he sounds like he is reading... yes at times he is... but they are HIS notes. Anyone who knows him knows he can't be told what to say. He has a mind of his own and is genuinely concerned about his future gun right. I am really proud of him for being so proactive.
He has been getting a lot of emails which is great because I am making him respond to all of them. We have incorporated this into his nightly reading and writing homework.
Thanks for visiting our site and please teach your kids gun safety!
Noah and Nicks proud mom, Angela
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