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Hi, my name is Noah and I am in the third grade. I am 9 years old. I have been safely shooting guns with my parents since I was 5. The first gun I ever shot was a .22 that belonged to my great grandpa. I never got to meet him because he died before I was born :/ I got my own Red Rider BB gun when I was 5 and it made all my camping and fishing trips so much more fun! Then for my 8th birthday I got a Remington 20 gauge Youth Express Shotgun. My parents take me out to the desert to practice and it's so much fun. On my 8th birthday I got to shoot my new shotgun all day and even though my arm was really sore by the end of the day it was so worth it! I have been told I am a REALLY good shot and would love to enter into shooting competitions. I have a seven year old little brother named Nick. He only recently learned to shoot because my parents said he was not as mature as me when I was younger. I take shooting very seriously because it is a very serious thing! When your out shooting you can't goof around ever. The only hunting I ever did was for rabbits but we didn't get any, which is OK. I personally don't like hunting for sport and neither do my parents. When I do eventually get to go hunting it will be for food. I don't want to kill any animals unless we are planning to eat them. (Even when we go fishing the only fish that make it back home we eat, the rest we let go. but sometimes on a rare occasion they swallow the hook which makes me sad :/ )
I am a Las Vegas city kid that luckily lives close to the open desert. My parents are not "gun nuts" they are just smart and exercising their second amendment right.  We don't own any fancy or high powered guns. We don't have an AR-15 but I would LOVE to get the chance to shoot one someday! One of the BEST things about going shooting is the time I get to spend with my parents. My mom and dad take me and my little brother riding quads and dirt bikes, fishing, camping and hiking a lot but when we go shooting we don't go at the same time so I get them all to myself on my turns! To be EXTRA safe they only take one of us at a time so they can pay close attention to us without any distractions. 
It seems like people are being brainwashed into thinking that guns are bad. They are not! Soldiers use them to keep us free, cops use them to protect us and good guys use them to protect their families or have fun shooting. Yes bad guys can use them to hurt people but they can also use bombs, hammers or knives. It's not fair that our government is picking on guns like guns have the power to decide if they are used for good or bad. It's people that decide that.  I think the government should be going after all the gang members, drug takers and other bad guys instead. Even if you take the guns away from those bad guys they will just find another way to hurt people. The bad guys are the problem, not the guns! Check back for more videos of me shooting.
- Noah THE Gun Smart Kid

Me on my 8th birthday last year! 

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