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1. To teach EVERY American child gun safety, what to do if they come encounter with a firearm and ultimately put an end to accidental injuries and deaths from firearms happening among American children.
2. To push for legislation mandating that gun safety be part of first grade curriculum nation wide.
3. To allow the littlest voices to be heard in support of preserving their second amendment rights for their future.

Noah will be a guest speaker at The Rally For Common Sense 2013 on October 12 2013.

Noah was a guest live on CSC Talk Radio May 15th. You can listen to the broadcast here-

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Noah was a guest speaker at a GRAA gun rally in Philadelphia on May 25, 2013! See just below for details! View his speech here

Each year many kids are injured or even
killed from accidents with firearms.  Our goal is to teach kids (and even some grown ups) what we have been taught and keep them as safe as we are. Education is KEY. There are millions and millions of guns in America and the chance of a kid coming across one is pretty high, that's why we think absolutely every single kid should be taught what to do if they find themselves in that situation. Even if you don't own any guns that doesn't mean your kid may not stumble upon one at someone else's house or elsewhere. Some of our friends parents have never taught them about guns which seems crazy to us!! We asked many of our classmates what they would do if they saw a gun somewhere and the answers we received were alarming. Some examples are "I would check to see if the gun was real or a toy", "I would look at it to see if it had bullets in it." and the most common answer "I would bring the gun to my mom." What would your child say? Have you ever asked them?
We have noticed that when some kids hear grown ups talk about gun safety all they hear is "blah...blah...blah...", so we told our mom we wanted to create a website to tell kids about gun safety hoping maybe if they hear it from kids like us they will remember it more. It is so important!! If we can help even one kid stay safe it will be worth it to us! We will also be creating many videos for you to watch and learn what to do if you see a gun, what NOT to do and how to keep safe as well as how much fun shooting guns
with your parents or other grown ups there with you can be. I hear grown ups on the TV and especially the news all the time saying things about guns that are not true. Recently our own Vice President Joe Biden said things and gave advice that was actually really dangerous, in some states even against the law to do and just plain wrong! If you watch my video below you can hear me explain why. I'm pretty fired up in the video because it's so scary to me that the guy in charge of making new gun laws would say such crazy stuff. Yes, I make notes so I can quickly say what I want to keep the video short. But they are MY notes! I'm not an actor, just a regular kid who just turned 9. Keep in mind it's the first video I ever made and I'm not used to being on camera. I'm sure I will get better with practice. I hope you enjoy watching our videos!
- Noah A Gun Smart Kid! Here is the link to my video to Biden on YouTube titled "Biden schooled by kid on guns".
I also made a video to the hypocrite Feinstein titled "Third Grader sets Feinstein straight" which you can see here, or go to my Youtube channel or just check it out below :)

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